About Us

Our small family lives in Norway mountains, at the a place called Vang. Our family consists of 4 members: Me, my husband Einar and two cole breed dogs named Gizza and Notta. Our house is on a hillside next to the forest, with a breathtaking panoramic mountain view.


Many years we grow tomatoes, and collect information about their breeds. Mostly we are interested in growing tomatoes in cold climatic zone, that kind of climate zone and height  that we live. At our place growing season is more complicated, because height above the sea level is more than half a kilo-meter. Summers is warm and sunny, winters is early and long, and autumn is colourful and mysterious. Mountain climate is unpredictable, so you can never  know what to expect from the nature, and that is charming.

During the past years we found a way to grow a good tomato harvest  in our climate zone. The seeds are germinated in the snow, so they are:

  1. Disinfected,
  2. Stimulated seedlings,
  3. Hardened to a cold climate.


In this way, germinated seeds, produces higher yields. We spend most of the time focusing on the authenticity breed, so we look everywhere: while travelling during the holiday, on the internet, we buy seeds from people who grow authentic breeds, many years generations from generations,and from a tomato collectors.

Growing tomatoes for us is hobby and sport at the same time. We hope that with the time you will also see tomatoes not only like vegetables. 


We wish you a great moment, on our site!