Rebel Starfighter VT16

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Qty: 10 pcs.
Rebel Starfighter VT16

A new breed developed by Russ Crowe, created by Xanadu Picasso x RHK GWR Cross (Reinhard Kraft Green Heart). The fruits range from 150 to 300 grams, with small hearts with a blunt tip, an extremely fertile variety. The GWR-type fruit is green, striped and has almost black shoulders, which are tinged with blackness at the peduncle, the radial lines intersect the whole fruit and are adorned with silver tangs. Green soft, juicy and fleshy, all in one fruit. The fresh taste is slightly acidic with a note of sweetness. Filiform plant, narrow, with small stems, regular foliage, indeterminate growth. Abundant and stable fruiting from mid-season to frost

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