Dwarf Parfait

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Dwarf Parfait

Very recent variety, developed from 2012 to 2018, produced as part of the "Dwarf Tomato Project". Presented to the public in 2019. Amber green fruit weighing 180 to 350 grams. Green flesh with an orange core with a delicious and well-balanced flavor. Compact tree-like plant of +/- 1.20 m, vigorous, with rugosa potato foliage and indeterminate growth. Good production in the second half of the season.

The "Fancy" family originated from a cross made by Sherry Long between a selection from the Dwarf Tomato Project family "Sunny" and 'Orange Pear'. 'Dwarf Parfait' was selected and named by Susan Oliverson, with key contributors Craig LeHoullier, Susan Oliverson and Hudson England; additional significant contributions were made by Dan Follett and Dee Sackett, with final seed selection grown out by Bill Minkey. 

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