Black Goddess

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Black Goddess

Tomato "Black Goddess".

The variety is mid-season, indeterminate. From germination to the first harvest, 105-115 days. The first inflorescence is formed over the 7th leaf, the subsequent ones through 3 leaves. Fruits are flat-rounded, weighing 100-120 g. When ripe, the apical part turns orange-red, most of the body of the fruit near the stalk acquires a dark purple color, and the area of transition from purple to orange-red becomes brown.

The consistency of tomatoes is dense, slightly crispy, cherry-colored, very tasty, sweet, unusual. Transportability and keeping quality are very good. The variety is tolerant to most tomato diseases. Planting density, when formed at 1-2 stems, 3-4 plants / m2. Productivity is about 18 kg / m2.

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