Great White Blue - White

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Great White Blue - White

Great White Blue is a segregate of a cross of Great White Beefsteak x OSU P20 made by Stéphane Marier, Canadian breeder from Quebec, owner of Solana Seeds. According to Stéphane, Reinhard Kraft received F1 seeds and began the grow out process, also sharing seeds with other breeders and growers along the way. Because of this, there are a number of segregates available from different growers. Some of the names are similar, as in “Great White Blues,” versus “Great White Blue.” The sizes and shapes also vary somewhat, even within the supposed same segregate, from more oblate beefsteaks to more globe-shaped salads. The fruits are beautiful, of impressive shape and size, creamy flesh, yellow with blue (anthocyanin) shoulders, soft and sweet, with a balanced fruity taste. This variety was a discovery of the year! The plant is indeterminate. Recommended to grow in two stems.

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